Introducing Linkit

Linkit does something genuinely useful for people, making your brand an even more important part of their daily life.

Useful every day

Put a Linkit in your wallet, with your keys, in your luggage briefcase or handbag.

Find what you care about

Use the app to make a Linkit ring out so you can hear where it is.

Find your phone

Have your keys but can't find your phone? Press the button on your Linkit and your phone will ring, even in silent mode.

Map it

Really can't find your keys? The app shows on a map where you last had them.

Connected Marketing

Grow your business by building stronger, more differentiated, more personal relationships with your customers.



Add your logo

Brand Linkit for your customers by adding your company logo

Brand the app

Apply a custom skin to the app to match your brand's visual identity

Build Relationships

Keep your customers engaged by rewarding them with vouchers and promotions via the app

Stay on Target

Send customised offers and promotions at the right time and place using GPS

Request a Proposal

Ask us to get in touch

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