3D Print & Media Management

Our consulting team will audit and understand your needs and requirements in the 3D Print & Media Management area.
Our DNA is  to provide you best in class solutions that will allow your organization to :
reduce the environmental trace , to unleash the internal creativity, to gain control on cost and flexibility and be earlier on the market.

3D printing is additive manufacturing in contrast to traditional subtractive manufacturing. Subtractive manufacturing take away material from a solid piece of  chunks, whereas additive manufacturing adds layer upon layer of material to gradually build a component.

Benefits of 3D printing integration into the Supply Chain through our range of our tools and services (Digital Asset Management, control and optimization, aggregation and maintenance of a large range of suppliers across the world.)

Reduce environmental impact 

Rapid Prototyping

Cost effective solution

Fastest turnaround time

Unleached Creativity

Reduce material recycling cost

Industries :

Architecture, Automotive, Education, Dental, Consumer, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Defense, Toys, Sporting Goods, Medical Equipment, Jewelry, Industrial Machinery